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Issar's peptide treatment solution for oncology

The Future Of Cancer Treatment: Is Peptide Therapy A Solution?

ISSAR is translating decades of research, innovation and development into perspective therapeutics for the second leading cause of death worldwide: CANCER.

ISSAR is aiming to reach the undruggable targets with the modification of naturally occurring substances (peptides) to transform the prospect of treatment for the most dreadful diseases.

Therapeutic potential of peptides for cancers

The conventional treatments currently available for cancer treatment are chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Currently, new peptides with anticancer properties are under development. These peptides have a high scope of advancement in the near future. Due to their reduced toxicity, high target specificity, cell penetrating capacity, and comprehensive performance in all aspects, they have been considered as effective agents creating a positive and profitable impact in the pharmaceutical industry.

ISSAR’s IS-107 for solid tumours

According to the WHO, cancers accounted for about 9.6 million deaths in the year 2018.

A solid tumour can be defined as an irregular mass of tissue which does not have fluidic contents or cysts. They can be classified based on their extent and composition of cells. Few examples of solid tumours are lymphomas, carcinomas, sarcomas, papillomas.

ISSAR’s IS 107 is a peptide that kills cells through a mechanism involving permeabilization of plasma membrane and entry of peptides into the cell, causing necrosis & apoptosis. Phase-I clinical trials have been carried out for IS-107 which screened 74 different types of cancers. Most of them were carcinomas and few were sarcomas. Phase-II are yet to be conducted to identify the carcinomas and sarcomas in which the cancer drug is efficacious and safe.