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Traditional Medicine Formula Effective in Experimental Vitiligo Models

A recent study suggested that a traditional medicine formula from China, known as the Kursi Karwiya or Caraway Tablet (CWT) has shown beneficial effects in two different animal models for Vitiligo. The study was published in the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine (eCAM).

The study included in vitro and in vivo investigation of CWT in animal models of vitiligo and melanin synthesis in B16 cells followed by a comparative analysis with baidianfeng capsules (BC), which are commonly used for the treatment of Vitiligo in China. The experimental animal models used were mice and guinea pigs. Vitiligo was induced using Hydroquinone in mice and hydrogen peroxide in guinea pigs.

The vitiligo animal models were divided into three groups: the normal control group (NC, untreated), BC group and the CWT group. All the groups were administered with BC or CWT orally for 30 days. Blood and skin tissues were collected for investigation after 12 hours of the final dosage of BC or CWT.

The investigations included measurement of melanin-containing hair follicles, biochemical measurements, concentration of cytokines, melanin measurement, tyrosinase activity, western blot analysis, cell cultures and statistical analysis. The results showed significant effects in regulating melanogenesis in the CWT group with changes in skin colour, melanin containing hair follicles and tyrosinase activity.

Thus, the results of the study indicated that CWT has the potential to become an effective medicine for the treatment of Vitiligo, though further research and investigations are required for clinical applications.

Source: Abudujilili Abuduaini, Xueying Lu, Deng Zang, Tao Wu, Haji Akbar Aisa, “Effects of a Traditional Caraway Formulation on Experimental Models of Vitiligo and Mechanisms of Melanogenesis”, Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, vol. 2021, Article ID 6675657, 17 pages, (2021).

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