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ISSAR’s Melanin Producing Novoskin for Vitiligo

The global prevalence rate of vitiligo ranges between 0.4%-3%, affecting individuals of all ages, races and genders.

Vitiligo treatment market dynamics

Combination treatment therapies contribute to majority of the vitiligo treatment market. The global market size is estimated to hit $2 Billion by the year 2026. However, the growth and advancement pattern of the vitiligo treatment market is expected to change within the next few years with several pharmaceutical companies focusing on targeted treatments for vitiligo.

Who are they key players in the vitiligo treatment market?

The current topmost key players in the vitiligo treatment market are Incyte and Pfizer with their drugs undergoing phase III and phase II clinical trials respectively. Other established and upcoming competitors in the vitiligo market are Allergan, Astellas pharma, Accord healthcare, Dr. Reddys Laboratories, Bausch health, Ahamunne Biosciences, Avita Medical etc. Most of these drugs act through inhibition of Janus Kinase inhibition activity (JAK1/2/3).

What is ISSAR’S role in the Vitiligo treatment market? Can ISSAR make a difference?

ISSAR developed India’s first ever peptide molecule known as Melgain for the treatment of Vitiligo in 2004, which was later acquired by Zydus Cadilla in 2016.

Melgain is now introduced by ISSAR under its very own brand name as Novoskin® with improved properties and effectiveness.

Novoskin® is a BFGF (Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) derived peptide molecule consisting of a decapeptide (10 amino acids) as its active ingredient. Novoskin® lotion is a repigmenting agent which acts by stimulating migration of melanocytes from the healthy skin surrounding the vitiligo patch. This in turn causes production of melanin in the affected area and restores skin colour.

ISSAR is bringing hope for a safe and effective vitiligo treatment with their unique BFGF derived peptide molecule.


CompanyDrugMechanism of actionDevelopmental stage
 Incyte  Ruxolitinib  Inhibition of Janus Kinase activity (JAK1/JAK2)  Phase III clinical trials
Pfizer  PF-06651600 (oral)  JAK3 inhibitorPhase II/B clinical trials
  TWi biotechnology  AC-1101  JAK1//JAK3 inhibitors  Phase II clinical trials
Arcutis Biotherapeutics    ARQ-252    JAK1 inhibitor    Phase II clinical trials
Dermavent SciencesCertulatinib (DMVT-502)    Dual JAK/Syk inhibitor    Phase II clinical trials
Amgen    AMG-714    Interleukin-15 inhibitor    Phase IIA clinical trial
    Villaris therapeutics    Humanised anti-II-15R antibody    Depletion of memory T-cells    Phase I clinical trials