Melgain® is the first indigenous peptide based drug developed, patented and commercialized in India. After six years of research, Issar Pharmaceuticals commercialized Melgain® as a re-pigmentation agent. Melgain® is a topical lotion used in the treatment of vitiligo, which is a condition characterized by the development of white patches due to the loss of melanocytes (melanin producing cells) that synthesize melanin (a pigment that gives human skin, hair and eyes their color).

Vitiligo affects 1 % of the world population and approximately 3% - 8% of the Indian population. Vitiligo is classified into segmental (affects one segment or one side of the body), non-segmental (more common and affects both the sides of the body) and undetermined vitiligo. There are many therapies available for the treatment of Vitiligo, but they have many side effects such as blistering of the skin, mild irritation, necrosis (cell injury resulting in premature cell death), erythema (redness of the skin) etc.

Melgain® is a decapeptide with 10 amino acids. Melgain® is enriched with skin penetrating enhancers to ensure that the decapeptide penetrates the skin and leads to ideal outcomes. The active ingredient of Melgain® is a decapeptide derived from the basic fibroblast growth factor, that is a polypeptide with 146 amino acids and supports the growth and survival of melanocytes which synthesize melanin.

The clinical studies have shown that Melgain® leads to the re-pigmentation in 80-90% of the patients. Melgain® has a unique mechanism of action, and Melgain® induces melanin synthesis by stimulating the synthesis of new melanocytes, migrates the melanocytes within the hair follicle and attracts the new melanocytes to the affected patches. There are three ways in which Melgain® acts;

  •    Melgain® acts as a mitogen to the melanocytes.
  •    Melgain® acts as a chemokinetic and chemotactic agent.
  •    Melgain® acts a stimulator of melanin biosynthesis by melanocytes.

Melgain® is a topical solution that is safe to use and effective in all the types of vitiligo with an ease of application. Melgain® can be used in all age groups. Melgain® is approved by CDSCO – Government of India. The duration of treatment depends on many factors. Normally, re-pigmentation can be seen on the borders or inside the white patch (as dots of pigment) in 3 to 6 months depending on the age of the white patch. In over 80% of study participants, full re-pigmentation was noted after one year of Melgain® use as a mono-therapy. Recently developed patches and patches on children respond faster with the use of Melgain®.

Doctor’s Feedback:

“Melgain® is one of the stellar products available for Vitiligo. Good response was seen in 4 months and complete
re-pigmentation was noticed.”
Dr F Sundararajan, Coimbatore
“Melgain® is very safe for children.”
Dr Davinder Parsad, PGI, Chandigarh
“Melgain® helps in re-pigmentation without any side effects.”
Dr Deyrace Patil, Surat
“Melgain® can be given to all age groups and the results can be seen in 3 months.”
Dr Sudharshan Reddy, Hyderabad
“Melgain® is a potent drug for all forms of Vitiligo.”
Dr Mukesh G Bhatt, Nadiad, Gujarat