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Bringing hope for a stigma-free experience for patients affected
with psychologically distressing skin conditions.

Paving our very own pathway for peptides as therapeutics for skin conditions, with proven scientific expertise by introducing India’s first peptide molecule, Novoskin®, for a skin condition called Vitiligo.


Skin protects the human body against disease as a primary defence mechanism. Dermatology is a specialised branch that deals with research, diagnosis and treatment of conditions associated with the skin.

A maximum number of complaints worldwide, arise due to skin conditions. As per a 2010 Global Disease Burden study, skin diseases were among the top ten widespread diseases and the fourth most frequent cause of non-fatal disease burden worldwide. These conditions have been observed to have the most stigmatising effects on an individual, resulting in low self-esteem and extreme psychological distress.

There is significant escalation in the understanding and application of peptides as therapeutics for skin conditions. Specifically, peptides with antimicrobial properties and those associated with inflammatory processes serve as potential therapeutic agents for conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, and vitiligo. Cyclic peptides perform a wide range of biological functions and can be modified both synthetically and genetically to improve skin permeability and structural stability. Therefore, they provide excellent drug leads to achieve the desired action.

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