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With 25 years of passion, commitment and hard work, ISSAR is beyond just a mere intellectual property. We are purely dedicated towards development of patient centric novel peptide therapeutics, reframing the idea of medicine for the future generations.

Our Identity

With our brand-new evolutionary trademark, we are TRANSFORMING LIVES THROUGH INNOVATION

Our new trademark portrays a clear image of our history of revolutionary achievements for the greatest medical challenges with the smallest therapeutic molecules.

Our inspiring logo is embedded with our four core values of innovation, commitment, transparency and responsibility having a patient-centric orientation towards every new step that we take.

The logo is formed by interconnecting “I” and “P” where “I” stands for Innovation and “P” stands for Patient-Centricity, with a small gap between the “I” and “P” depicting a test tube through which we see a small molecule breaking out, i.e. the peptide molecule. This union reflects our compassion towards creating a life changing impact in human lives with our new inventions.

We have created the new ISSAR logo with a double-tone green and blue palette, symbolizing our incorporation of innovation into patient-centricity through trusted, quality products.

As a pioneer in the R&D of peptide-based therapeutics for 25 years, we are proud to be a part of history in the making as we transform our intellectual property into innovation, adding value to human lives.