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Every breakthrough needs a team that can be entrusted to
achieve new possibilities

ISSAR’S management team plays an important role in ensuring safe and productive operations, contributing to the
growth of the company with their seasoned skills, knowledge and expertise.

Mr.Ram Isanaka

Founder and Chairman

Mr.Ramakrishna Reddy Isanaka is the founder and chairman of ISSAR Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. He holds a Postgraduate degree from City University of New York.

He was the one of the promoters of Shanta Biotechnics in 1993. ISSAR was established in the year 1995 with his keen interest in research and indigenous development of molecules in India. Mr.Ram Isanaka’s passion for new drug discovery is commendable. His revolutionary contributions in making peptide based medicines affordable for various healthcare needs have resulted in successful drug development with several patents to his credit. With over 25 years of experience, ISSAR Pharma is a pioneer in the research and development of innovative peptide-based therapeutics equipped with most advanced and automatic peptide manufacturing technology.

Ms. Shaalini Isanaka


A psychology graduate from The College of New Jersey, Shalini Isanaka is one of the board of directors and heads Operations at ISSAR. Shaalini joined ISSAR in June 2011 and has over 13 years of experience in people management across diverse industries, geographies and companies. Prior to joining ISSAR, she served as a technical placement specialist at Cherokee National Business, LLC and Kinsale Holdings, Denver. She held eminent positions in these groups, where she was consulted for professionalizing global HR policies and practices.

Dr. Jesse Jaynes

Dr. Jaynes is a leading biochemist specializing in peptide design, and has previously served as a Chief Scientific Officer at two companies. Dr. Jaynes’s activities always have and will continue to be in the broad field of design and testing of novel bioactive peptides and proteins. As documented in over 120 peer-reviewed publications and more than 60 acquired patents, the Jaynes Lab was the first in the world to demonstrate antiprotozoal, plant disease resistance, and anticancer activity for designed lytic peptides both in vitro and in vivo.