ISSAR Pharma

With our proprietary technologies, established global network of scientists and
state-of-the-art production facilities, ISSAR Pharma has the capability to
deliver peptide products in an efficient and timely manner.

Technical Capabilities

ISSAR uses the most advanced and world-class equipment for the
development, synthesis, purification and manufacture of peptide
based drugs for major pharmaceutical industries, Universities and Research and Development (R&D) centers.

In 2012, ISSAR pharmaceuticals built a USFDA Compliant Drug discovery facility which has the ability to move products and projects from conceptualization to commercialization. Our R&D department is well equipped and experienced in appraising the prevalent production systems, identifying loopholes if any, undertaking result-oriented measures for alleviating them and documenting the same.

The technology developed by our R&D department demonstrates our abilities in development, validation, technology transfer and troubleshooting of the manufacturing process. ISSAR is working in collaboration with several projects and has experience working with high performance teams on technology development and commercialization of peptide molecules.


At ISSAR Pharma, the synthesis of peptides is carried out by Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS). SPPS is the technology of choice for the manufacturing of most peptides in multi-kg quantities, especially those with longer, more complex sequences. We offer Fmoc-based solid-phase manufacturing.

ISSAR’s state-of-the art facility and best-in-class equipment enables small-scale to large-scale production processes for proprietary peptides. Whether you require gram or multi-kilogram quantities, we can customize the project at every development step, even with the most complex peptides.

Analytical Capabilities

Large-Scale Purification

Using our modern preparative High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technology, ISSAR Pharmaceuticals is capable of achieving or exceeding the required purity of products at almost any scale, from a few grams to kilograms or more.


Final isolation of peptides is typically achieved using bottle lyophilizer (up to 100 kg ice capacity) permitting the isolation of single lot, up to 10 kg for highly soluble peptides.


ISSAR Pharma offers the flexible Solid Phase approaches for peptide synthesis.
When custom products are considered, assessing the capacity is always product dependent; the higher the overall production yield, the higher the output and capacity with the existing facilities and equipment.


• Up to 50 monomer synthesis.

• Mg to Kg scalability.


• Automated peptide synthesizers.

• Specialized reactions vessels, centrifuge, rota evaporators, lyophilizer and purification columns.